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Full consultancy to the company's digital media from software to marketing and design.

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What is consulting?

Business Consulting is a service provided by specialized companies or professionals instructed to diagnose and formulate solutions regarding a subject or specialty on the business environment, in this case specifically to the company’s digital and graphic media.

How does the consulting process work?

At the first meeting in the process, some questions are asked about the company’s resources, strategies, and solutions in use. After gathering all the necessary information, a company-wide evaluation is performed in order to understand where and how to improve all aspects of the company’s online presence, from marketing to software, design, identity, user experience, amongst others.

What are the advantages?

The consulting service allows you to receive an external organizational assessment, capable of qualifying and evaluating all business structures in an honest and professional way. The main advantage is the climatic classification of the presence of your online company, both in the microenvironment and macro. The evaluation also takes place in the fields of Work, Technology, Branding, Design, and Marketing. After analysis, SlashWeb will produce a complete report with all the market points addressed and will actively participate in its explanation, understanding, and application.

How do I book a meeting?

Too easy! Send us an email to: info@slashweb.co or click here.

SlashWeb's Services

marketing digital

Digital Marketing

Being online is not enough to be found on the internet. Our Digital Marketing services will upscale your company’s sales and visibility to a whole new standard. SlashWeb offers solutions on the biggest networks in the world and our services come with an implementation consulting session and free training.


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marketing online

Web Design

Do you have an ideia for an online shop? Or maybe you just want an informative website for your business? Talk to a SlashWeb representative and we will find the best solution for you and your business

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Design Gráfico

Design Gráfico

Branding, Flyers, Business Cards, Outdoors, Design for web. Anything… We have everything you need to make your company stand out, oh and we love challenges!


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